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About Us

TakeItPlease.com is a “worldwide on-line donation center”. Only we cut out the physical work of taking the items somewhere and we don’t resell them either. This is a place where everything is truly free. Absolutely nothing for sale. A simple website where everyone can come together to help less fortunate people get what they need for free.
We encourage people to give (donate), what they would normally throw away or sell to someone else who can use it. The Donor simply places a free ad offering the item with a way to be contacted and the person wanting the item simply goes and gets it. It’s a simple way to help someone and to create friendships as well.
It also helps reduce waist. No matter how good and usable something is once it gets thrown away it becomes garbage. It ends up contaminating the land we live on, the water we drink and the air we breathe.
Our goal is to become the world’s largest donation site, to use the power of the Internet to help more people around the globe than anyone else. We also want to be the single largest positive impact to our environment and to reduce our landfills more than any other organization ever. We want to be the one place where the entire planet can come together and work in unison for one great cause that affects us all.
TakeItPlease.com is commited to helping our environment and saving our planet through global recycling.