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How We Came to Be

It was December 2006, Christmas time, and I sat in the car thinking about the seriousness of the situation I was currently in.

After working in real estate for 7 years the market had gone bad and I found myself unemployed. My wife who was pregnant with my daughter at that time was having some complications and also had to stop working, leaving us without any income at all. Our savings quickly exhausted and we were broke. It was without any doubt going to be the saddest Christmas ever.

There I was sitting in the car with my 4 year old son waiting for my wife to return from a store when I suddenly looked across the parking lot and noticed a pick up truck stopping in front of one of those “donation centers”. Three people got out and started unloading what seemed to be an entire bedroom set. They struggled as the pieces were apparently very heavy and carried them all into the center. I thought to myself “how incredibly caring and thoughtfull of these people who were going through all this trouble just to help others by giving something away instead of throwing it in the trash like many other people do”.

Well, I was needing at that time a crib and a few other items for my daughter who was due in a couple of months so I thought I would give it a shot, I was also curious to see what one of these donation centers would be like inside and what they would have so I decided to go in. I entered and saw an enormous place filled with all kind of items from clothing to houseware and everything else you could possibly imagine. I walked to the end of the store where the furniture was and guess what I saw against the wall…that’s right, a crib!!! I noticed it had a few minor scratches and dings but it was still in very good condition and it was made of solid wood. It was a very good crib. It was also $90.

I reached into my pocket, took out all the money I had and counted it. I had $47. I asked the manager there very politely if he would let me buy it for the $47 I had and he said no. “But someone gave it to you guys for nothing” I said…”why can’t I get it for almost fifty bucks which is all I have right now?” The manager said he simply couldn’t but that I could leave the $47 as a deposit and come back for it later (with the rest of the money of course). I simply felt offended and “cheated” so I left. It simply wasn’t fair considering whoever brought that crib into the “store” gave it to them for free.

I thought to myself…imagine a store where everything was truly free, where all the donated items were simply given to whoever needed or wanted it. Then again, that would never happen…who would pay for the building, the employees and everything else?

Then it came to me!….how about a website? How about an “Ebay” exept with no pricing whatsoever? Everything free! No shipping costs, nothing! That might work!!!
TakeItPlease.com was born.

Jesus M. Gondry Jr.
Creator, Owner of TakeItPlease.com